My Summer Calender

I’m back again! This post I’m going to be telling you about my summer plans, what I’m getting up to, what I’d like to do, my travels, etc etc! A little disclaimer before I do! I know that I’m going to a lot of different places compared to some and I just wanted to say that I am extremely grateful to be doing all of these things but also that I’ve spent a lot of time saving for all these trips and activities and most of what I have planned I’ve paid for myself.

Now that’s out of the way! I’m going to go in chronological order.

The first place I’m going to, with my mum, is Paris!! We’re going for 3 days, mid July and I’m so excited. I’ve been to Paris once before on a school trip but it was only for the day and I think we spent most of our time there on the coach. Of course I want to do all the typical tourist things! We’ve booked the Eiffel Tower and I want to go to Le Louvre but actually I think we’re most excited about food and of course shopping!!

A week into August I’m going to Jelsa, Croatia with my family for 10 days. I think this is definitely going to be a good beach holiday but I know that Jelsa is also a pretty historic place and there are a couple of churches and cathedrals I want to visit. (But mostly I just want to lie on the beach and get a tan).


I’m home after Croatia for 2 days and then I’m off to Lyon in France with a couple of friends and their families. We’re staying in a big chateau in the countryside, at the same place we stayed last year. This week will just involve a lot of eating, definitely drinking, crap tennis and way too many card games.

miles paris 2miles paris

We’re back from France on the 29th but there’s no stopping and we’re going pretty much from Gatwick to Reading (Festival, obviously). I literally cannot wait for Reading. I worked it out the other day and it’s taken me something like 32 hours of babysitting just to save up enough for the ticket. Let me tell you, it better be worth it. I’m thinking about doing a festival style look book whilst I’m there, maybe a ‘festival necessities’ before, too. Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any suggestions/anything you’d like to read about! What are you up to this summer?




{Paris rooftop photos by Miles Merry}:







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