Everyday No MakeUp, MakeUp Tutorial

Most days I actually don’t wear makeup, especially if I’m just around the house or going to school. However, some days, even if I’m not doing anything, I do feel like putting some on just to make myself feel a bit more ready for the day and a bit more ready to be productive.


I always start of with a clean face and clean hands. Firstly, I’ll put on my Origins GinZing moisturiser. Then under my eyes I’ll go in with the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer to cover up any bags and any blemishes or redness.


To set my concealer I’m taking the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in the shade 55 Dark Beige. I’ll take this over my t-zone and anywhere else I’ve concealed.


Bronzer is the first step to adding some colour and I’m using the Bourjois Délice de Soleil Bronzing Powder in the shade 14. On a fluffy brush I’ll take this over the tops of my forehead, my temples and over my cheekbones.


Lastly for the base, I’m adding a little bit of the creme blend blush, “Something Special” by MAC, onto the apples of my cheeks. If you put a little too much on just blend it out with your fingers. As it’s a creme blush, it’s easy enough to put right if you get it a bit wrong.

Onto brows. To start, I always brush through them with a spoolie so they’re in the shape I want them. Then I’m taking Laura Mercier’s “Esspresso” on a MAC 266 brush. Tapping the brush to get any excess powder off is always a good idea. Once my brows are filled in, I brush through them again to brush out any excess product and to neaten them up a little.


Finally onto the eyes. Usually, if I’m just doing everyday makeup, I only wear mascara. So, I coat both my top and bottom lashes in the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and Voilà, ready to go.



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