Get Ready With Me: Black Tie

This weekend I am going to a black tie party and I am so excited for a chance to dress up and get all fancy! So here I am with another Get Ready With Me. Today I’m doing an intense navy smokey eye with a nude lip.


Sadly, I’ve run out of my Garnier moisturiser so I’m throwing it back a little and using my Nivea Hands, Face & Body moisturiser. Use whatever you’ve got, this is just what I had lying around.


Of course I’m using the Maybelline Age Re-Wind concealer and I’m putting this under my eyes, a tiny bit down the bridge of m my nose and to cover up any blemishes too. To blend this in, I’m using a damp beauty blender. I’m not sure whether I’ve spoken using a beauty blender on here so if I’ve already said it, I’ll say it again: Beauty Blenders have changed my life and if you haven’t got one, go and get one because they’ll change yours too.


Next I am taking the MAC paint pot in the shade Layin’ Low to prime my eyelids. This cancels out any veins and redness and really prolongs the wear and colour of the eyeshadow that we’re about to put on top. (Excuse the grotty nails)


Now for the most exciting bit: On a 217, I’m going in with the Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in the shade Arcturus. This is going all over the lid and up through the socket. I know it looks a tad scary at first but blend and try not to panic.


From the Urban Decay Naked Palette and on the same brush, I’m taking a mix of ‘Creep’ and ‘Gun Metal’ and putting it right on the outer corner of my eye and blending ever so slightly through the crease. This is already a pretty intense colour so it doesn’t need to be deepened too much, we’re just adding a little extra dimension.


To finish off with the shadow, again, I’m mixing ‘Sin’ and ‘Virgin’ together to put in the inner corner. Virgin, although is good for brightening up the eye wasn’t quite enough for the look I wanted so I’ve added in ‘Sin’ for the extra bit of shimmer.


Of course, mascara is next and I’m doing the usual with my Benefit Roller Lash. I am also going in on the water line and tight line with a black pencil liner. I’m using a kohl pencil from Rimmel but as long as it’s black, it doesn’t mater what you use. If you want this look to be super long wearing, using something like a gel liner could be a better alternative.


As per, I’m doing my brows with the shade ‘Espresso’ from the Laura Mercier ‘Sleek & Chic’ eyeshadow palette. I’m taking this on a MAC 266. Brushing through them with a spoolie before and after.


Going back to skin, I’m using the Sleek blush in the colour ‘Rose Gold’ on the apples of my cheeks with a small fluffy brush. I’m not really wearing bronzer at the moment because I still have a tiny bit of a tan from being away at Christmas. However, I am going in with a light hand, and dusting over with my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. I’m using this under my eyes, down my T-zone and a tiny bit across my chin.


To tie it all in, I’m lining my lips with MACs lipliner in the shade Brave and then going over the top of that with the fanciest lipstick I own (fancy lipstick for a fancy occasion, my friend), Channel’s ‘Rouge Ingenue’. I’m patting that in with my finger too, just so I blend the two products together and make sure my lips don’t look too “done”.


I usually blow-dry my hair at the moment but I wanted it to look a bit tousled and a bit messy for this look as both the dress and the makeup are rather fancy so I’m playing it down with the hair and jewellery. I’m actually going to have it up in a messy bun and wearing plain small silver hoops and a couple of plain silver rings.


For anyone who wants to know, my dress and heels are from Topshop and my watch is from Citizen.

Thank you for reading I’ve got a few posts lined up so keep your eyes peeled as there is more coming your way.



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